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Our Services
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Barons Garden Partner has full expert services and solutions to help you create the garden you desire.

  • We focus on making your garden work for you, beautiful, sustainable, healthy, strong and good for the environment.  
  • We use locally grown plants for the best results and have experience with lawns, ground covers, perennials, vegetables, annuals, herbs, shrubs and trees.
  • We also help create landscapes to sell your home, for special events or as a gift.
Clean up
Weekly, once and/or fall. Our clean up is sensitive your level of clean. We can clean by blowing out beds, always leaving the mulch to only removing large and diseased debris.

We are sensitive to YOUR definition of what is a weed. Our philosophy is “When in doubt, let it sprout!" We leave a questionable “weed” for your approval.

We fertilize correctly to your specifications based on King County Master Gardener’s standards.

Lawn care (including mowing)
We lime, fertilize, seed, over seed, mow as needed to match your desire and budget. Mowing includes edging and blowing off hardscapes.

Pruning (including shearing)
We prune to a height of 12' appropriately according to Plant Amnesty standards for your best interests.

Plant divisions
We can divide and replant to increase the number of your favorite perennials. 

Plant removal
If a plant is not worth transplanting or cannot be pruned to fit its location we can remove it for you.

Our master gardeners purchase healthy, appropriate plants for you efficiently.

We have the gardener power and expertise to pick up and deliver your purchases of plants, mulch and garden material.

Haul away
We offer haul away services of plant and/or material debris.

We plant correctly for lasting health of your plants.

We transplant your existing plants to appropriate locations in your own garden saving your valuable plants from the compost pile and the expense of disposal.

You may find yourself needing watering services. We can water and suggest efficient watering solutions.

Moving into a neglected garden or want to get ready for company or party? We can help you efficiently and effectively with the transformation.

We can design your garden for year around color, high fragrance, and low maintenance.  We use "View Design" that is effective and easy to visualize.  We can design your dream vegetable, The Ultimate Container,  Garden is a year round planting of containers for ultimate color, fragrance and low maintenance.

Mulching/Sheet Mulching
It is more important that you mulch then what you use for mulch. We mulch correctly and with your garden needs and wants in mind.  Sheet mulching is a technique using layers of nitrogen and/or carbon rich materials, such as newspaper on top of the soil as a weed barrier, allowing them to break down naturally over time.

We can help you do-it yourself, introduce you to our gardening area, identify you plants, suggest solutions, diagnose problems and refer non-plant solution professionals.

Personal Garden Training/Coaching
We can train you in developing your perfect garden. Training can be once, weekly, or monthly and eventually seasonally, yearly or occasionally. From beginning to advanced levels, we will work with you one-on-one in your garden, guiding and teaching you seasonally appropriate skills and techniques.  

A garden coach is like hiring a personal trainer for your gardening. We will show you how to make improvements and maintain your garden, to assess the needs of your landscape and show you how to put it into top shape. During the coaching session, you can bring out specific gardening questions and challenges.
Barons Garden Partner LLC
Specializing in high color, high fragrance, low maintenance 
by gardeners trained in the tradition of Plant Amnesty and King County Master Gardeners.
Text: 425-466-1821  

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Clematis 'Rooguchi', Autumn Fern, Bleeding Heart, Red Barrenwort
Ceanothus, English Daisy, Anemone, Clematis 'Gipsy Queen'
Our Services
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Clematis 'Rooguchi' 
Dryopteris erythrosora 'Brilliance' (Autumn Fern)
Dicentra spectabilis 'Valentine' (Bleeding Heart)
Epimedium rubrum 
(Barrenwort - Red)
Ceanothus gris. 'Diamond Heights' (Carmel Creeper)
Bellis perennis 'Super Enorma' (English Daisy - Red, Pink and White)
Anemone cor. 'Marianne Blue' (Windflower)
Clematis 'Gipsy Queen' 
(Deep Purple)